Here are some things I think should exist in the world. They are presented in no particular order and for no particular reason.

Last updated Sunday, July 28 2016

Transcribe & Index Every Podcast

A Trello-backed todo App

Track what you eat then rate how you feel later, match it up

“Brain” around household services

Anti-Scalper Event Ticket Provider

Fantasy sports game to pick who will not make the playoffs. Eliminate teams every week

Modern Personal Knowledge Base

Period tracker for “Him”

Location aware todo list

I believe this has been attempted many times in the past but I have yet to find one that really works well. My todo list should be smart enough to identity tasks that occur in the real world and where they can be accomplished. When I am near one of those locations I should be alerted.

Dog poop bags colored green/yellow/red indicating how many are left

As a loving dog parent I have the honor of removing the waste my little guy deposits on the sideway. This is normally done via an unscented blue plastic bag. If you happen to run out of bags and nature calls, you are left in an interesting and potentially illegal situation. As these bags disappear you are left to guess how many remain. These bags should transition from green to yellow as you are near the end of the roll and to red when there are only a couple left.

Subway Surfer App

New Yorkers play this game everyday on the subway… holding onto poles, seats and each other as we barrel through underground tubes. There should be a way to score this balancing act and compete with other straphangers. The idea is to select the subway line and stop you are starting from and as the train starts moving it is up to you to keep your phone as balanced as possible as the points rack up.

Liftopia for Golf

Liftopia allows skiers to purchase lift tickets, rental packages and other services in advance at a discount. While the ski resort industry is starting to consolidate into larger holding companies, the golf course market has not seen the same technological advances in convienence and discovery. The process of booking a tee time, securing a green fee rate and discovering courses near you is in desperate need of an upgrade.


Reputation based prediction market (no $ involved). Make predictions & earn or lose points tied to a real-life identity