Jackson Deane

Tumblr is a media network & social platform powered by 500 million unique independent creators.


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Senior Product Engineer - iOS

Jan 2015 - July 2016


App Store Top 100 - Free Apps Overall

App Store Top 20 - Social Networking

Best New App, Dec. 2015

2015 Webby Winner - Best Mobile Social App & Best Mobile User Experience

Key Contributions:

Product Management & Mobile Engineering Lead for the First Major App to Support Apple Live Photos

Tumblr is one of the first apps to support the iPhone 6S’s Live Photos

Led Mobile Efforts of the First Platform to Support Playback from 3 Major Live Video Providers

Led Collaboration & Engineering for the Video Player used on the NFL’s First Online Exclusive Live Stream Game Broadcast Seen by over 15 Million People Worldwide

The NFL’s First Live-Streamed Game On Yahoo Attracted Over 15 Million Viewers (behind the scenes)

This great GIF button is now on iOS

Tumblr iOS Update Lets You Make Video Posts With a URL

Tumblr 4.0 Arrives on iOS With Better Blogging Tools, Filtered Search, And A New Widget